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About Us

The Ampersand symbol of family brings You & Me together.  How were are all connected creating our stories to share with one another.  At Ampersand Learning Academy here we are family learning from our experiences.  To discover your passion in writing and to put your skills to the test.  Each lesson is design for you to discover a new world.

“An Ampersand gives us hope that there is always an ‘and.”-Unkown

Why You Should Join Us

Discovering your passion is your purpose.

Have you ever have an idea or dream that was so real you can see it in your reality?

That is what I have achieved & will continue to create.

You are joining more than just learning how to become an author.  You are having the opportunity to learn, grow & take action for your idea to come into your reality. 

Plus, having a Tribe of like minded people who share the same passions you have.

The support is here & the experience is ready for you!

A Big Thanks

I am so grateful to have your support!  I am truly thankful that I have the opportunity to teach my experiences with you & to help you succeed in bringing your idea to your reality.  Thank you for blessing me with this opportunity I can share with you.

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